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KBRIN SGD Community Application

The KBRIN Small Genome Discovery program is an opportunity to engage undergraduates in research, early in their career, that will enhance their skills and attitudes towards science. Thank you for choosing to participate in this program. Please return the completed application as an attachment to or mail to:

            Claire Rinehart
            Western Kentucky University
            1906 College Heights Blvd 11080
            Bowling Green, KY 42101-1080

Please complete the following.

Name of your institution: ____________________________________________________________________

    ___ University or college
    ___ High School
    ___ Middle School
    ___ Community Group

Participating Faculty or Community Leader Names (include email address): 1)_____________________________________________________________

We want interact with the SGD community by doing the the following:
(check all that are applicable).

   _____ Incorporate the  In silico course into our curriculum.
   _____ Incorporate the annotation of a genome sequence into one of our courses.
   _____ Sponsor a seminar on genome annotation.
   _____ Sponsor a hands-on workshop on genome annotation.
   _____ Participate in web-based seminars.
   _____ Contribute to genome sequencing fund ($250/bacteriophage genome)

Will the In silico course be a new course or will it replace a previous course?

Is there a special group of students that you will target, such as honors students, at risk students, certain majors, freshman, sophomores, high school, other?

How many participants do you anticipate?

How will you recruit participants into these courses, seminars or workshops?