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Cohort Schedule

– A week-long training workshop for two faculty. The workshop will cover the isolation and characterization of phages (in situ). The bioinformatics methods will also be introduced and used to do a small annotation project (in silico).

– Students will be recruited during the Fall Semester for participation in the Spring in situ SGD course.

in situ
- Course where students will isolate and purify bacteriophage from soil samples. They will amplify the purified bacteriophage and isolate DNA from it. They will characterize their phage DNA by restriction enzyme digestion and gel electrophoresis. They will also visualize their phage’s morphology by electron microscopy.

- DNA, from at least two phages affiliate institution, will be sequenced during the summer between the first and second courses. Samples of each isolated phage will also be submitted to the Small Genome Discovery Support Center for archiving.

in silico
- Second course where students will use software to predict the location of genes and tRNAs within the sequenced phage genomes. They will then collect evidence to support the location and function of each gene. They will record their findings as annotations, which will be reviewed and then published in GenBank with each participating student listed as a co-author.

- In January, following the two courses, two faculty and two students will be invited to present their results at the Small Genome Discovery Symposium.