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SGD Workshop, Aug. 8-13, 2016.

The Small Genome Discovery Workshop for faculty will be held at Western Kentucky University, beginning at noon on Monday, August 8th and will end at noon on Saturday, August 13th. Participants should meet at noon in the lobby of the Engineering and Biological Sciences (EBS) building (73 on campus map) for registration and lunch. Parking is available across the street in the Chestnut and 14th Street lot. To get to campus, take exit 26 off from I-65 onto Cemetary Road and continue north to the 5th light and turn left onto Chestnut. Park in the lot on the left at 14th Street.

Bring a fresh soil sample to the workshop. You will use this as a source of bacteriophage during the workshop. You will need to fill out the Environmental Sample Collection Information sheet describing the collection site and location. Pictures of the site will also be helpful.

If you would like to install the in silico software onto a laptop, please bring one along with you. A laptop is not a necessity since we have plenty of laptops for you to use during the workshop.

For housing there are a number of accomodations within a few miles of campus. A daily stipend of $75 for housing will be given to each participant. You will be responsible for housing reservations. A map is located below showing the location of the inns relative to the interstates and the university.

A tentative itinerary for the workshop is shown below. We will be covering both the in situ and in silico portions of the course. Materials for this course are found at on the page and you are encouraged to view these before attending the workshop. Links to a nice glossay of phage terms is also found at Additional resources and links can be found on our SGD Resources page.


Monday, Aug. 8

Tuesday, Aug. 9

Wednesday, Aug 10

Thursday, Aug 11

Friday, Aug 12

Saturday, Aug 13


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Why Discovery-Based Research Courses?

Tomorrow's Microbiologist: Discovery-Based Research Courses for Freshman Undergraduates

A webcast of the 2014 ASM President's Forum is available for viewing. It addresses Discovery-Based Research for Freshman Undergraduates and features two innovators in this field, Dr. Jo Handelsman and Dr. Graham Hatfull. They talk about the need for undergraduate research and the student gains that are realized from participation in programs such as the Small World Initiative and SEA-PHAGES programs. The first 29 minutes is the ASM President's speach. Skip forward to minute 29 and you will land on either the "eppendorf" slide or the "President's Forum" slide. Start there. The excellent presentations by Drs. Handelsman and Hatfull take about an hour.